Asset Tracking


We take this part very seriously, as our technology-savvy team captures general information about each asset and meticulously documents what they find. We create a receipt report for you, documenting all the assets to be recovered.

 Asset Tracking:

IT Recycle assigns a unique load number to each and every collection. When the van/truck arrives at our premises, we check the pallets and register contents with a unique number.

Next, the asset items are counted and checked against the collection docket. IT Recycle barcodes (with asset control numbers) are printed and attached to each computer. The barcodes are scanned and the data is recorded in our system against the load number. Original serial numbers, including customer asset tags and original manufacturer serials, are also scanned and entered, into our receipt log, which is emailed back to our clients, on request.

We record the following information which can be made available to each client.

  • Type
  • Make
  • Model
  • Manufacturer Serial Number
  • Specification
  • Asset tag no
  • Colour
  • Date of received