This Study Will Perfect Your Rehabs: Read Or Miss Out

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Our medical team is an essential component of our on-site staff, so they’re a consistent part of your recovery journey. Chris and Pax have solidified the Passages name through several luxury inpatient and rehabilitation facilities around California. They’re seasoned, they have the pertinent medical records and documentation in your document, and they know exactly where you’re in the treatment process. Their enthusiasm for meaningful and long-term rehabilitation stems from Paxs prior addictions to heroin, cocaine and alcohol. They’re experts in recovery and addiction, trained in the latest therapeutic techniques and methods. Pax was preventing his inner-anguish by jumping in an unsustainable lifestyle of dependence. Our team is your team, ready once you want them.

Just when Pax stepped away from 12-step programs and other approaches was managed to find true sobriety. Massage Therapy. Passages Malibu is the final result of Paxs long battle with addiction. Men and women develop substance use disorders for different factors. He is now over twenty five years, sober and is dedicated to helping others.

Men and women also enter therapy for different factors. Call Passages Malibu to learn more about exactly what Chris and Pax have done for many others, and what they can do for you. Each sex has unique demands, which explains why sex responsive therapy provides tailored surroundings, programming, and curriculum. Contact Passages Malibu. The Rose and The Star facilities in Jacksonville, FL are among a small number of treatment facilities in the U.S. to handle alcohol and substance use disorders according to sex needs. Our admissions staff is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions that you might have regarding our facilities.

Holistic Therapy. Contact us anytime or click here to verify your insurance benefits online now. Holistic therapy refers to the treatment of the whole individual. Contact Passages Malibu. That means the treatment treats your body and your mind.

Our admissions staff is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions that you might have regarding our facilities. The goal of holistic treatment is to help patients tend to their own physical and psychological needs. Contact us anytime or click here to verify your insurance benefits online now.

Cupping. Changing Lives and Preventing Families. Chronic pain and the drug frequently prescribed to deal with it, adds an extra layer to an already complex set of challenges for both physicians treating addiction and the patients in recovery.

Intensive addiction therapy for mature men. We’ve developed an integrative, multi-modal program designed specifically for patients in recovery from alcohol, opioid, and substance use disorders that are also managing a chronic pain illness. VIEW MORE. Yoga Exercise. Traditions’ Recovery Center for Women. The Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Professionals Program at Pacific Bay Recovery is rehab for free an addiction recovery program made especially for professionals, such as physicians, commercial airline pilots, lawyers, and executives of all industries who happen to be seeking treatment for addiction.

Intensive addiction therapy for mature ladies. Much like our Inpatient Rehab Program, the Professional Program occupies the amount of care involving our Detox and Residential Therapy programs and serves patients using alcohol and substance use disorders, co-occurring emotional health disorders, and a history of injury or post-traumatic anxiety. VIEW MORE.

Outdoor Pursuits. Right Side Recovery Center for Women and Children. The last day at therapy is the first day of your life. Long-term intensive addiction treatment for mature women and curative childcare. We teach you the skills needed for a successful launch. VIEW MORE. From the grand scheme of things, your time in rehabilitation is short compared to the entire arc of your recovery.

Recovering Professionals. Our Alumni Program delivers continuing aid, meet-up, and Recovery Coaching to help you stay with your path of recovery. VIEW MORE. Gym Access. Getting Into Treatment. You’ve probably heard of the importance of regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. 0ver 45 Years of Expertise.

You might not understand that regular gym exercises can also support addiction recovery. We understand that the process of you or somebody you enjoy starting addiction therapy can be stressful and overwhelming. Many people combine gym exercises with other treatment approaches to achieve sobriety now and for the long term.