Asset Value Recovery

This process recovers any value associated with your collection of unwanted assets. Our team tests each (less than 3 years old) computing item, including desktop computers, notebooks, and tablets by capturing specifications and functionality of the individual pieces. Using these specifications, we are able to determine the monetary recovery value for each item, which is then returned to you in a variety of ways, including :

  • Buyout – we make you a cash offer for your equipment.
  • Revenue Share – we sell your equipment through our extensive network and the proceeds are fairly split at a pre-agreed value.
  • A Single Point of Contact – We organize equipment pickup and include the full cost, in the price we quote you. If required, our price also includes data deletion and full reporting.
  • Cash Back Sooner – Why wait up to three months to get cash back on your equipment? With our services, you will be able to see the money back in your account within two weeks, and sometimes even sooner.
  • Larger Audience – Our extensive network of contacts and partnerships ensures that your goods will fetch the highest price possible by being sold and presented to the right audience.